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BoudoirVisuals - Boudoir & Body confidence photographer London


Body confidence photoshoots with the objective to empower women, raise self-acceptance, and increase confidence in their body.

Unfortunately, 80% of women have low body esteem and self-doubt can hold them back.
I can help you change how you feel about yourself.
Because every woman deserves to see how beautiful they are.

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Common questions asked about

1. What can the photographer do for me?

The photographer at can provide you with an unforgettable boudoir experience. They will help you build confidence before the photoshoot and guide you through the process. The photographer will discuss your preferences and answer any questions you have. They can also offer optional makeover support with a resident Hair and Make Up Artist. During the photoshoot, the photographer will provide guidance on poses to ensure you feel comfortable and look your best.

2. What should I expect from my photoshoot?

During your photoshoot with, you can expect a personalized experience tailored to your unique beauty. The process starts with an initial discussion to determine your preferences and outfit choices. You can bring a mix of different outfits to choose from. If desired, you can also opt for a makeover with the resident Hair and Make Up Artist. Throughout the shoot, the photographer will guide you on poses to capture a wide variety of stunning images.

3. How can I build confidence before a boudoir photoshoot?

Building confidence before a boudoir photoshoot is important, and can help. They understand that many women have low body esteem and self-doubt. The photographer's goal is to empower women, raise self-acceptance, and increase confidence in their bodies. They will provide support and guidance throughout the process, ensuring you feel comfortable and beautiful. The personalized experience and tasteful boudoir poses will help you see yourself in a new light and boost your confidence.

4. How should I prepare for a boudoir photoshoot?

To prepare for a boudoir photoshoot with, it is recommended to bring a mix of different outfits that make you feel confident and beautiful. You can discuss your outfit choices during the initial discussion with the photographer. If desired, you can also opt for a makeover with the resident Hair and Make Up Artist. It is important to communicate your preferences and any concerns you may have to ensure a personalized and comfortable experience.

5. How can a boudoir photoshoot help with body confidence?

A boudoir photoshoot with can help with body confidence by providing a safe and empowering environment. The photographer's goal is to raise self-acceptance and increase confidence in women's bodies. Through tasteful boudoir poses and personalized guidance, the photoshoot aims to showcase your unique beauty and help you see yourself in a positive light. By capturing stunning images and celebrating your body, the experience can boost your self-esteem and change how you feel about yourself.

Some reasons to choose

Empowerment and Increased Confidence

The company's body confidence photoshoots are designed to empower women, raise self-acceptance, and increase confidence in their bodies. This experience aims to help women change how they feel about themselves and see their own beauty.

Unforgettable Experience

The boudoir experience offered by the photographer is more than just a photo shoot. It is described as an unforgettable experience where clients will feel and see themselves like never before. The experience is crafted around each individual, celebrating their uniqueness and beauty.

Personalized Consultation

Prior to the photoshoot, there is an initial discussion where the photographer will understand the client's preferences and answer any questions they may have. This personalized consultation ensures that the photoshoot is tailored to the client's desires and expectations.

Optional Makeover Support

For those who desire it, the company offers optional makeover support with their resident Hair and Makeup Artist. This professional will work with the client to discuss their desired look for the shoot. The makeover support is included in the Premium package at no additional cost.

Guidance and Support during the Photoshoot

Throughout the photoshoot, clients will receive guidance and support on poses. The photographer is highly experienced in directing tasteful boudoir poses, ensuring that clients feel comfortable and confident during the entire process. This expertise helps to capture a wide variety of poses and expressions.
UK (London) based photographer providing boudoir photography services for women. Website includes details of services provided, "meet the photographer" information, work examples, testimonials. reviewer
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AI summary  A Closer Look... is a photography portfolio of a boudoir photographer with a clear mission to empower women and boost their self-confidence through body confidence photoshoots​​. They offer a personal experience, carefully crafting each session around the unique individual being photographed​​. The photoshoot process includes an initial discussion, optional complimentary makeover, guidance on poses during the shoot, and final edited images delivered in an online gallery after 2 weeks​​. They offer two package options, Basic and Premium, with additional services available for an extra fee​. Open to new projects, the photographer maintains open communication via email
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