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Getting the Best Headshot for the Intended Purpose

submitted on 22 May 2019
You take headshots for various reasons. You might need one for a job application. You also need it to use as your profile photo. In an age where almost everything is happening online, you want to have the best possible shot for your profile picture. You might also need it when you are trying to cast yourself in an acting role. Getting that perfect shot could be tricky. These are some tips that might be useful for you.

Seek professional help
You might say that you already have a smartphone and you can take a photo any time you want. The problem is that you have no idea how to choose the best headshot. You might be a selfie expert, but it is not the same as a headshot for professional purposes. You also need a high-definition photo which a professional photographer could offer. You need someone who knows how to bring out the best in you.

Find the best angle
You might also think that you already know your angle after taking so many selfies over the years. However, your selfie is not similar to a head shot. You might even have to avoid showing your teeth for specific job applications. You also need to look formal because the company might reject your application otherwise. In some instances, you need to be creative. You only have one shot, and you want to create the best impression.

Wear appropriate clothing
Like the right angle for the picture, you also need the proper clothing. You do not want to look informal when the headshot is for a job application. Wear a suit since it is appropriate. You also do not want to look too formal for an informal purpose. You will look awkward and out of place. You also want the clothing to reflect your personality.

Be natural
Try your best to look natural when taking photos. Avoid exaggerating your smile since it does not seem appropriate. You also should not show an image which is not who you really are. You do not want to surprise everyone seeing you in person when your personality seems completely different compared with what your headshot suggested.

You also need to be natural because you are only showing your head and nothing else. You have no other means of expressing yourself apart from your head. Avoid over thinking since it might lead you to shots that look awkward.

Minimise the filters
It is okay if you want to apply filters to polish your appearance. You can ask the professional photographer to do it for you. Make sure though that you still look closely at the photo that you are going to submit. If it is way too different, you might negatively surprise everyone.

Do your research online to find a reputable photographer in your area. Famous headshot photographers are quite challenging to book since most people asking for their services want the perfect shot.

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