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Home of James Stafford Photography, a, Inc. Company

We have extensive experience from web design to television ad production. We are the professional media department you thought your small business could never afford.

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1. What services does James Stafford Photography offer?

James Stafford Photography offers a range of services including web and graphic design, marketing, photography, and video production. Our specialties include aerial photography and video, educational marketing, real estate marketing, and large event photography and video. We provide fast and professional service that is perfect for web, social media, or print marketing campaigns.

2. How long has James Stafford Photography been in business?

James Stafford Photography has been in business since 2005. With over 15 years of experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable photography and video production company in South, Central, and Southwest Florida.

3. What makes James Stafford Photography different from other photography and video production companies?

What sets James Stafford Photography apart is our team of talented and experienced photographers and videographers. We are dedicated to creating high-quality and engaging media that effectively communicates our clients' messages and helps them achieve their goals. We also offer a wide range of specialized services, such as aerial photography and video, educational marketing, and real estate marketing.

4. How can I contact James Stafford Photography?

You can contact James Stafford Photography by visiting our website and filling out the contact form. Alternatively, you can reach out to us via phone or email, which are provided on our website. We are always available to answer any questions you may have or discuss your photography and video production needs.

5. Can I view examples of James Stafford Photography's work?

Yes, you can view examples of our work on our website. We have a portfolio section where you can browse through our past projects and see the quality and style of our photography and video production. Additionally, we offer PDF portfolios that can be shared for a more detailed look at our work. We are proud to showcase our previous projects and the success we have achieved for our clients.

Some reasons to choose

Fast & Professional Service

James Stafford Photography offers fast and professional service to their clients. They understand the importance of delivering high-quality photos and videos in a timely manner. Whether it's for web, social media, or print marketing campaigns, their team ensures quick turnaround times without compromising on quality.

Photography & Video Perfect for Web, Social Media, or Print Marketing Campaigns

With their expertise in web and graphic design marketing, James Stafford Photography provides photography and video services that are tailored for various marketing platforms. Whether it's for online use, social media promotion, or print materials, their media content is optimized to effectively engage the target audience and enhance marketing campaigns.

Aerial Photography & Video

One of the specialties of James Stafford Photography is aerial photography and video. They have the equipment and skills to capture stunning aerial shots that can be used for real estate marketing, large event coverage, or any other project that requires a unique perspective. Their aerial media adds a captivating element to any marketing campaign.

Educational Marketing

James Stafford Photography understands the importance of visual content in educational marketing. They have experience in creating engaging videos and photos that effectively communicate educational messages. Whether it's for schools, universities, or educational programs, their media content helps to convey information in a visually appealing and impactful way.

Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing is another area of expertise for James Stafford Photography. They have the knowledge and skills to capture the essence of properties through their photography and video services. Their media content showcases the unique features and highlights the selling points of real estate listings, helping clients attract potential buyers and stand out in the competitive market.
US (Lake Placid, FL) based business - established over 14 years ago - providing a wide range of photography and website design services. Website includes details of services provided, "meet the photographer" page, work examples, press mentions, client list, details of business premises, associations, full contact details. reviewer
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