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Online Photography Courses: Advancing Skills in the Digital Age

submitted on 19 September 2023 by

Introductory musings on the state of photography

Here we are, my fellow pixelated primates, in the midst of the digital age, where our lives are bombarded by a veritable tsunami of images every day. Our screens have become digital diaries, each photo a fleeting memory to be stored, liked, shared, and then forgotten. Our smartphones are the new darkrooms, these tiny digital dungeons in which we spend hours crafting our visual narratives.But enough with the contemporary lamentations, for I bring you good news! The digital age has also heralded a renaissance in photographic education. Online photography courses have become a popular means to escape the mundanity of the filter-laden Instagram feeds and elevate one's skills to new heights. To be a true digital maestro, one must explore the vast and enchanting world of online photography courses. So come along, my fellow pixel pushers, let us embark on an enlightening journey through the wild and wonderful realm of virtual photographic instruction.

Online Photography Courses: A Buffet of Knowledge

Picture this: An all-you-can-eat buffet of photographic wisdom, just a click away. Want to learn the difference between a Rembrandt and a butterfly lighting setup? Feast your eyes on a tutorial! Perhaps you'd like to unravel the mysteries of long exposure photography? Sample a course on the subject! The internet's vast repository of photographic knowledge is yours for the taking, and online courses provide a structured and engaging means to consume it.Some advantages of online photography courses include:
  • Accessibility: Learn at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home (or coffee shop, or park bench).
  • Flexibility: Study at your leisure, fit lessons around your schedule, and enjoy the freedom to pause, rewind, and re-watch.
  • Affordability: Prices range from free to the cost of a fancy lens, catering to all budgets.
  • Variety: From beginner to advanced, portraiture to landscape, there's a course for everyone.

Choosing the Right Online Photography Course

Now that we've established the benefits of online learning, how does one choose the right course in this vast digital ocean? Fear not, dear reader, for I have curated a list of considerations to guide your quest for photographic enlightenment:
  • Begin with the end in mind: What are your photographic aspirations? Are you hoping to create a visually stunning portfolio? Hone your skills for professional endeavours? Identify your goals and choose a course that aligns with them.
  • Consider your experience level: Be honest with yourself about your current abilities. A beginner's course may teach you vital foundational skills, while an advanced course could help you refine and perfect your technique.
  • Research the instructor: Investigate the course creator's background, teaching style, and portfolio. Do they have the qualifications and aesthetic sensibilities to guide you on your photographic journey?
  • Read reviews and seek recommendations: Consult the experiences of your fellow digital nomads.
  • Take advantage of free trials and resources: Sample the content before committing your hard-earned cash.

A Few Exemplary Online Photography Courses to Titillate Your Tastebuds

Here is a small sampling of courses to whet your appetite and inspire your search:
  • 'The Art of Seeing' by Frans Lanting and CreativeLive: Renowned nature photographer Frans Lanting takes you on a visual journey, imparting wisdom on composition and the importance of seeing the world through a photographic lens.
  • 'Lighting Mastery' by SLR Lounge: This comprehensive course covers all aspects of photographic lighting, from natural to artificial, helping you illuminate your subjects in a masterful way.
  • 'Street Photography: Unlock the Secrets of Composition, Color & Confidence' by Craig Whitehead and Skillshare: Join street photographer Craig Whitehead as he reveals the secrets of capturing compelling images in the urban jungle.
  • 'The Fundamentals of Photojournalism' by Nikon School Online: Delve into the world of visual storytelling with this insightful course, ideal for aspiring photojournalists or documentary photographers.

Conclusion: Embrace the Digital Age & Elevate Your Photographic Prowess

So there we have it, fellow image enthusiasts: Online photography courses offer a veritable smorgasbord of knowledge and inspiration, allowing us to advance our skills in the digital age. Whether you're a novice looking to escape the confines of auto mode or a seasoned pro seeking to refine your technique, the internet is a treasure trove of learning opportunities.So go forth, my digital brethren, and harness the power of online education to elevate your photography to new and dizzying heights. And remember, the best camera is the one you have with you, so keep practicing, keep learning, and keep capturing the world around you in all its glorious, pixelated splendor.
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