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Photographing the Rare Species of Rutland

submitted on 19 May 2023 by

A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Eccentricities of Rutland's Landscapes and Weddings

As I sauntered through Rutland, the smallest county in England, I realized that it is the perfect place for those who crave the bizarre and peculiar in the world of photography. Here, I bring you a journey through the eccentricities of Rutland's landscapes and weddings, with tips, advice, trends, and insights into the significance of these aspects in the broader context of photography.

The Landscape of Rutland: A Turbulent Sea of Green

Upon my arrival in Rutland, I was struck by the sheer beauty of its rolling countryside, a turbulent sea of green that stretches on for miles. When photographing landscapes in Rutland, one must be prepared to capture the essence of the ever-changing skies, occasionally punctuated by the dark, looming clouds of an impending storm.Remember, dear photographer, that the skies are not your enemy. Embrace the contrast between the deep, brooding clouds and the verdant hills below. Your photographs will come alive with a palpable tension, as if the heavens themselves were about to unleash their fury upon the unsuspecting land.

The Infamous Rutland Water: A Reservoir of Photographic Delights

Moving on from the hills, I stumbled upon Rutland Water, a reservoir so vast and imposing that it almost seemed sentient. This body of water is a veritable treasure trove for photographers, offering endless opportunities for capturing reflections, sunsets, wildlife, and waterscapes in all their glory.As you meander along Rutland Water's shoreline, keep your eyes peeled for the elusive Rutland Belle, a pleasure cruiser that glides through the waters with an air of regal grace. This vessel is a splendid subject for photographs, and you can even hop aboard for a unique perspective of the reservoir and its surroundings.

Rustic Ruins and Ancient Architecture: The Time-Traveler's Guide to Rutland

If, like me, you find yourself drawn to the decaying splendor of ancient ruins, then Rutland will not disappoint. The county is peppered with relics from a bygone era, such as the iconic Oakham Castle, a Norman fortress that has withstood the ravages of time and now serves as a backdrop for local weddings and other events.When photographing these crumbling bastions of the past, do not be afraid to experiment with angles, light, and shadows. A well-composed shot of a derelict building can evoke a sense of melancholy nostalgia, transporting the viewer to a time when these structures were at the height of their grandeur.

Weddings in Rutland: A Celebration of Love and Lunacy

Now, let us delve into the wonderfully off-kilter world of weddings in Rutland. As a photographer, you will be faced with a delightful array of idiosyncrasies that are uniquely Rutland, such as the tradition of "shoeing the bride," where guests toss shoes at the newlyweds as they depart the ceremony. Embrace the chaos and capture the moment in all its madcap glory.

Photographing the Offbeat and Unusual: A Guide to Capturing Rutland's Inimitables

  • 1. Be prepared for the unexpected. Rutland's landscape and weddings are nothing if not unpredictable, so ensure that your camera is always at the ready.
  • 2. Experiment with different photography techniques, such as long exposures or macro shots, to bring out the unique qualities of your subjects.
  • 3. Play with natural light and shadows to create dramatic images that capture the essence of Rutland's landscapes and events.
  • 4. Do not shy away from photographing the offbeat or unusual. Rutland's quirks and eccentricities are what set it apart from other locations, so make them the focus of your images.
  • 5. Finally, always remember to inject a dose of humor and fun into your photographs. After all, Rutland is a place where the bizarre and the sublime coexist in perfect harmony.
In conclusion, dear photographer, Rutland is a haven for those who appreciate the strange and unusual in life. Its landscapes and weddings are a testament to its eccentricity, offering endless opportunities for capturing images that are both beautiful and bizarre. Embrace the peculiarities of this enchanting county, and your photography will be all the richer for it.
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